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North-Sulawesi, Minahasa and Tarsier

Island: Sulawesi

Duration: 4 days

Day 1 : Bali - Manado
In the morning transfer to the airport of Ngurah Rai, Bali for our domestic flight to Manado, capital of North Sulawesi. Upon arrival in the airport transfer to the hotel. We enjoy some relaxing time. Diner and overnight in the hotel.

Day 2 : Temboan - Sawangan - Tangkoko Batuangus
Breakfast. Along the coastline we drive through some pitoresque villages with their typical birdnesthouses. We go deep in the southern interior of the Minahassa, one of the eight ethnic groupes living here in the most northern part of Sulawesi. We walk through some of the small villages, where the numerous churches and schools still are inherintance of the first Dutch missionary from the 19th century. We reach the top of Temboan, where we are rewarded with a subliem view over the gardens and Tondano lake. At the lake which has a surface of 5600 km², we enjoy our lunch. We go north from here and visit an ancient necropolis in Sawangan. Megalithic sarcofages are surrounded by old franchipane trees. The square verticale graves contain the deceased in foetus position, placed on a chinese porcelain plate. Earthly possesions are given for the rebirth. The graves are decorated with images of animals and people from an ancient time, telling the story of the person buried inside. The waruga date back from the 9th century and used to be found all over the Minahasa territory. This way of burial dissapeared with the introduction of christianity. Through winding roads we reach Tangkoko Batuangus National Parc. Just before sunset together with some rangers we go looking for the smallest primate on earth, the Tarsius. Late arrival back in the hotel.
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Day 3 : Bunaken
Breakfast. From the harbor of Manado we reach in the morning the Bunaken NP, about 75 000 ha big. The 12 km long coastal line was declared a sea reserve in ’91. In this unique eco system with 38 kinds of mangrove and sleeping volcano’s that end in coral walls live more then a thousand different fish species and around 2oo different kinds of coral. Not so long ago the coelacant was discovered here, one of the so called living fossils. We can discover this alien world snorkeling from the boat. After lunch in a local restaurant we take a walk on the island to the east side of the Bunaken atol before sailing back to Manado. Overnight.
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Day 4 : Tomohon - Mahau - Bali
Breakfast. In the cooler small city of Tomohon, situated between two volcano’s, we visit the local market. A lot of Minahasa people come here to to their chopping and satisfy their strange eating habits. We can see a variaty of ingredients on offer. The meat section however is the most visited. Flying fox, dog, python, rat…are for sale next to the more normal kinds of meat. After a short climb to the top of the Mahau volcano we can take in the beautiful sight over the bay of Manado and surrounding volcano’s. The Mahau is still active and sulfer smoke rises up from the crater. After lunch in our hotel we drive to the airport for our flight back to Bali or different destination. Upon arrival transfer to the hotel.
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