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Jewels of the Archipel

Island: Molukken

Duration: 6 days

Day 1 : Bali - Makassar - Ambon
After breakfast we take the flight with the national carrier Garuda to the capital city of South Sulawesi, Makassar. From here we take another flight with Lion Air to the capital city of the Maluku, Ambon. Ambon island and Ambon city is the centre of the formal Spice Islands and the city used to be the centre of trade during the times of the VOC. From the airport we drive to the city to have a late lunch. The local market situated along the seashore is bustling and makes for a good introduction. Our small hotel called Mutiara, meaning sea pearl, is where we spend the night and take our dinner.
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Day 2 : Ambon - Seram
Breakfast. With a local and colorful bus we drive to the harbor of Tulehu to take the express boat to the mother island of the Maluku, Seram. The second biggest island of this mini archipelago is a mystical place where according to the people of Maluku their social system originated from. With a mix of respect and devotion people talk about this mountainous island. When we put foot ashore this hardly visited island we first take our lunch in Masohi before taking our local bus to reach the other side of Seram. Along the way we drive through an untouched rainforest as far as the eye can see. If we are lucky we encounter hornbills, kakatua and flying fox during our small walks. In Sawai we take the longboat to reach the village where we will stay in the Lezard Guesthouse for the next few days. We take a stroll in the village and are welcomed by everyone. Dinner in the guesthouse.
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Day 3 : Seram, the Manusela Nature Park
Breakfast in our house on stilts above the sea. We start our day trekking from our guesthouse and almost immediately are swallowed up by this pristine rainforest. The fauna and flora here are unexpected and waiting for us around every corner. Pick-nick lunch in the forest. We finish our trek by visiting the rehabilitation centre for tropical birds. Here the formal poachers turned ranger show us the different colorful birds that are slowly reintroduced to their natural habitat. Dinner at our guesthouse.
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Day 4 : Seram, beautiful scenery and sago
Breakfast. We take the longboat directly from our guesthouse and go upriver to go see the winning of sago, the main food on these islands. Sago comes from the sago palm tree, growing in the forest along the riverbanks. We have a fish barbecue on a small remote island at the mouth of the river overlooking the green lush mountains of Seram. These blue waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling afterwards. A few hours to relax back at our guesthouse complete the day. Possibility to go fishing or take a walk in the village. Dinner at the guesthouse.
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Day 5 : Seram - Ambon
After breakfast we leave these beautiful surroundings and go back the same way to Masohi. Lunch. The express boat takes us back to Tulehu. In Wai we go visit the holy eel, reincarnations of ancestral spirits, swimming in a crystal clear basin. According to legend, this basin was formed when the king of lost times threw his spear from the mountains down looking for a place to built his kingdom. People believe that disaster will come over them if anything happens to these holy eel. In Ambon we take the ‘becak’ or local pushbike taxi to take a look around the city. Afterwards we go back to the Mutiara hotel to spend the night. Dinner in the city.
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Day 6 : Ambon - Makassar
Breakfast. The flight with Lionair brings us back to Makassar. By bus we go visit the traditional harbor of Paotere, we look around the fish market and admire the wooden local ships, called Pinischi. The atmosphere here has been unchanged for hundreds of years. By manual labor these pinischi are loaded and unloaded and maintain the trade between the eastern islands of Indonesia. The fort Rotterdam, before the power of the Dutch in this city has now an interesting ethnological museum. Lunch in the city. We stay in the hotel Pantai Gapura where we enjoy a few hours of free time.
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