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  • Indonesia Incognita, specialist in INDONESIE.

  • Already 15 years of experience in the country!

  • Trips on demand !

  • Round trips, beach holidays, expeditions, surf trips, dive safari’s, honeymoon, we organize all of it!

  • Culture, adventure or just relax, always satisfaction!

Welcome on our website

While we designed these roundtrips we took in consideration the places to visit, the accommodations, the diversity and the rythm of the trip. Every program is composed of different stages, selected in function of their historical, ethnical en geographical value and offers in this way a good general view of the archipelago. Regularly Indonesia Incognita goes to places where tourism is still rare and takes you on trips that are missing with other organizations. In this way the traveler can get to know area’s that are still isolated and very authentic.

Having been to each destination and designing the trips after our own experiences, we are able to provide first hand information about the tours.

All proposed programs have been designed in a way so that they can easily be combined with other programs.

All proposed programs have been designed so that you can make your own holiday depending on the duration, islands and activity’s you wish to do.

All proposed programs can always be changed according to your own private wishes.

We specialize in trips on demand. Not one trip is the same, depending on your idea’s and your wishes we assemble the dream holiday for you. This can be done through extensive communication and adaptation of the suggested program.

Just click on one of the islands of the archipelago en look what we have to offer. You can always glue one program to another and make your own program in this way.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We wish you a nice day.